High Efficiency with Capability of up to 120 Molds per Hour

Adalet is proud to unveil a new, world class, precision molding process and handling system for custom aluminum castings. This multi-million dollar foundry upgrade offers maximum speed for small to medium sized castings for quick lead-times and competitive prices. High sand compaction pressure provides a quality surface finish along with superior dimensional control.

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Introducing the USA’s First Ever DISA 24/28 Automatic Horizontal Molding Machine

As part of a major capital improvement of its foundry, Adalet (Cleveland, Ohio) installed a new automatic DISA Matchplate 24/28 molding machine, part of a new generation of DISAs and the first of this size in the U.S. In addition, we have also added a complete mold handling system custom built by Summit Foundry Equipment.

Altogether this major expansion and foundry upgrade is the largest capital equipment investment in company history.

Check out our new DISA Matchplate 24/28 molding machine in action at the link below.

Click here to see the DISA in action!


  • New 72-Car Automated Mold Handling System
  • New and Upgraded Sand Handling/Shake-out System
  • Multiple Floor-Molding Stations with a Wide Range of Flask Sizes Available

  • Quality Aluminum Castings from Green Sand. Part Weight from oz. to 400 lbs.
  • Striko Stack Melter with 10,000 lb. Bath Capacity plus Two Electric Induction Furnaces, when needed
  • Full Engineering and Machining Services available for One-Stop Shopping

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Cleveland, OH (January 2016) – Adalet is pleased to announce the completion of a new IECEx/ATEX Flameproof Control Panel Assembly Certification. This is a flexible certification which allows Adalet to supply custom, fully populated CE-marked enclosures which are Ex ‘d’ Zone-certified under an EQUIPMENT Certificate. This is a turn-key solution that eliminates the requirement for customers to resubmit enclosures having only a Component Certificate for 3rd-party testing. The control panel arrives from Adalet pre-certified and bearing the CE mark, thus saving customers considerable time and money.
The Adalet IECEx/ATEX Flameproof Control Panel Assembly certificate allows for control operators, motor control components, and most other CE-marked electrical components to be installed inside any of Adalet’s broad line of certified flameproof enclosures. Bolted cover designs and threaded mouth enclosures are available. Adalet installs and wires all the control components and provides services for design review, certification compliance and required documentation.


Killark LED lighting now in stock !


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