Lord Electrical Industrial Distributors supplies products to Calgary, Edmonton, Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Canada. Supplier of Killark, Adalet, and Topworx.

Explosion Proof Enclosures:

Junction Boxes, Instrument Housings, Motor Control and Power Distribution, Pendants

Explosion Proof Fittings:

Unions, Seals ,Conduit Bodies, Small Junction / Splice boxes, Reducers, Drains, Flame Arrestors

Explosion Proof Wiring Devices:

Switches, Plugs And Recepticles, Power Distribution, Connectors:

Explosion Proof Connectors

Explosion Proof Plugs


Explosion Proof Hazardous, Mercury Vapor, High Pressure Sodium, LED, Incandescent, Strobe Lights,

High Voltage Terminations:

Splicing and Termination Kits, Pothead Terminations, Insulating Compounds

Cable Accessories:

JAG Fittings, Armor Cable Terminations, Cable Supports, Cable Fittings, Portable High Voltage: Cable Couplers, Lowboy Skids, Highboy Sleds, Coupler Boxes

Fiberglass Enclosures:

Standard and Custom Paint, Entry Holes, Windows,Silk Screening and Molded Names and Logos

Motor Control and Pilot Devices:

Motor Control Centers, Starters, Contactors, Relays, Limit Switches, Push Button, Pilot Lights, Selector and this Cam Switches, Oilfield pump Panels, programmable Relays, Disconnects, Tower Lights, Proximity Switches


Standard,High, Voltage, Semi-Conductor, HRC, Midget, Fuse Holders


Control and Distribution, Custom Wound

Thread Adapters:

Thread Converting and Reducers

Switch Rated Plugs and Receptacles:

Industrial Grade Control and Power plugs and Receptacles

Wiring devices:

Male and Female Pugs and Receptacles, Multi-Pin Connectors

Terminal Blocks and Accessories, Power Supplies


Lighting, Light Towers, Power Outlets, Power Centers, Explosion Proof and Standard Hand Lamps

Cable Reels:

Industrial and Standard Duty, Grounding Reels

Circuit Breakers:

Magnetic Circuit Interrupters,Thermal Magnetic,Current Limiting, Solid State Trip, Disconnects

Atex approved:

  • Explosion proof fittings
  • Go Switch limit switches, Proximity Sensor and Valve Control Sensors
  • Motor control
  • Explosion proof audible alarms
  • Transformers
  • Multipin plugs
  • Explosion proof cable glands

We are also a supplier of:

  • Panel Boards
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Stainless Steel Enclosures
  • Explosion Proof Heaters
  • Explosion Proof Antennas
  • Explosion Proof Networking Fittings
  • Explosion Proof CCTV Products